CIAO Qualifying Series Update

Our major course related project in 2017 will be to update the CIAO Qualifying Series. If you already hold a CIAO, this process will not affect you. The new series will launch in 2018 and will require four core courses, along with two elective courses. All core courses will now be 15 hours (2.5 days). The current Property Valuation class is 30 hours (4.5 days), while all other core classes are 15 hours (2.5 days).

Required Courses:

-Introduction to Assessment in Illinois (currently, Basic Assessment Practices)
-Property Valuation                   
-The Basics of Mass Appraisal (currently, Introduction to Mass Appraisal Techniques)  
-Ethics for Illinois Assessment Professionals

Elective Courses (Pick Two):

-Office Management – IPAI course
-Introduction to Residential Assessment Practice – IDOR course
-Introduction to Commercial Assessment Practice – IDOR course
-Introduction to Sales Ratio Studies – IDOR course
-Introduction to Farmland Assessments – IDOR course
-Introduction to Mapping for Assessors —IDOR course

New elective options will include:

-Communication I & II – IPAI course
-Practical Math for Assessment Professionals – IPAI course
-Introduction to Property Tax – IDOR Course

For students currently working toward the designation, you may want to consider completing classes in 2017. If you do not complete all classes in 2017, the only additional class you will need to complete is Ethics for Illinois Assessment Professionals. The IPAI will honor elective and required courses taken at an earlier time. Course titles are changing, but the course concepts remain the same.

Beginning in 2018, IPAI policy will require that students working towards their CIAO must complete all coursework and receive their CIAO in 4 years. All students who began CIAO Qualifying coursework prior to 2018 will have four years to complete the CIAO Qualifying series requirements beginning January 1, 2018. This means that these students will have until December 31, 2021 to get their CIAO.

CIAO maintenance is a separate topic and only impacts students who have already earned their CIAO designation. CIAO’s are required to complete continuing education requirements to maintain their designation. To learn more about CIAO maintenance visit this page .

For those who will not finish the requirements before the end of the year, we're happy help you navigate any questions or concerns. Please contact the IPAI office via email ( or give us a call at 309-862-0300.

Click on the link below to access a downloadable and printable FAQ sheet. The FAQ provides more in-depth information about the Qualifying series update.


CIAO Series Update FAQ Sheet
(Adobe PDF File)