Become a CIAO

Our CIAO Qualifying courses have been updated and refreshed starting in 2018! For more info, visit this page. You can choose two paths to qualify for the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer designation: the Standard Option and the Certified Appraiser Option. You may take the required and elective courses in any order.

Individuals who have completed the necessary coursework for their CIAO designation prior to 2018, should download and fill out the application below. 

Standard Option  

Required Courses:
-Introduction to Assessment in Illinois, IPAI course, 15 hours           (Previously Basic Assessment Practices)
-Property Valuation, IPAI course, 15 hours                                
-The Basics of Mass Appraisal, IPAI course, 15 hours                        (Previously Introduction to Mass Appraisal Techniques) 
-Ethics for Illinois Assessment Professionals, IPAI course, 15 hours 

Elective Courses (students choose TWO to take):    

-Office Management, IPAI course, 15 hours  
-Communication I & II, IPAI course, 15 hours   
-Practical Math for Assessment Officials, IPAI course, 15 hours
-Introduction to Property Tax, IDOR, 15 hours  
-Introduction to Residential Assessment Practice, IDOR, 15 hours  
-Introduction to Commercial Assessment Practice, IDOR, 15 hours
-Introduction to Sales Ratio Studies, IDOR, 15 hours
-Introduction to Farmland Assessments, IDOR, 15 hours   
-Introduction to Mapping for Assessors, IDOR, 15 hours

Note: Each course is two days with the exam taken the morning of the third day. If a student cannot take an exam on the third day of class, they must schedule to take it at a later date at the IPAI office or at conference location.

Certified Appraiser Option

Required Courses:
-Introduction to Assessment in Illinois, IPAI course, 15 hours           (Previously Basic Assessment Practices) 
-CIAO,Certified Appraiser Home Study, IPAI & IDOR Home Study

Additional Requirement: You must possess an Illinois Certified Real Estate Appraiser License in good standing.

**If you took one or more of the above classes prior to 2017, the course names may be slightly different, however, the IPAI will still accept them for CIAO designation credit.** 

Applying for your CIAO

Beginning in 2018, IPAI policy requires that students working towards their CIAO must complete all coursework and receive their CIAO in four years. All students who began CIAO Qualifying coursework prior to 2018 will have four years to complete the CIAO Qualifying series requirements beginning January 1, 2018. This means that these students will have until December 31, 2021 to get their CIAO.

Once you have completed the necessary courses, complete the CIAO application form and turn in to the IPAI office. Designations are dated the year in which you complete your final course. You need to begin taking courses for designation maintenance in the first full cycle after you are awarded your CIAO. For example, if your CIAO is dated June 1, 2017, your designation maintenance cycle begins January 1, 2019. 

CIAO Application Form
(Adobe PDF File)