Academic Policies

Transfer Policy:  You may transfer from one class to another by logging on to your registration profile. Any transfer made the day of the class, including from a seminar to exam or from an exam to seminar, will be assessed a $100.00 administrative fee. The day of class transfer must be made prior to class starting. See IPAI staff or your instructor at the conference or satellite location for the appropriate form.

Attendance Policy:
Students must attend 90% of the class hours to achieve the full number of educational hours offered for the course. Anything less than 90% attendance will result in zero hours of credit.

Examination Times:
At all IPAI conferences, examinations will be offered on the third day of class. These dates typically fall on the Wednesday or Friday of the conference. Students who take an exam class on Monday-Tuesday and are registered for an additional class Wednesday-Thursday, must plan to take the exam Friday or on a later date. Students will not be permitted to enter their classes late due to taking an exam. Examinations will not be offered on Tuesday or Thursday night.

Cancellation of a course: Students may log onto their IPAI profile and cancel their registration anytime before registration closes without penalty. 
Your course fees will not be refunded or credited to another course if you cancel a class after registration has closed (registration closes one week before a workshop/conference). A student with a verifiable emergency should contact the IPAI office as soon as possible to discuss their options. If you do not show up for a course, you will not receive a refund or credit to another course.

If the IPAI needs to cancel a course for any reason, you will be contacted as soon as possible and your payment will be credited to another course or refunded. 

Receiving your grade:
Exam results will be provided two-three weeks after the test date. IPAI does not give out exam scores over the phone. For courses taken at the Spring Conference, please allow four weeks to receive results. Reporting results to the Illinois Department of Revenue: The IPAI will report your successful completion of a class to the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) via the class sign-in sheet/roster. Re-taking an examination: If you fail an exam (score less than a 70%) , you may re-take the exam. There is a $50.00 retesting fee. You can retake the exam at one of the designated testing locations or the IPAI office. An exam re-take is allowed one time for traditional classroom courses. If you fail an exam the second time, you must re-take the course. Call the IPAI to sign up for a testing time.