Reporting Continuing Education Hours

You must report ALL courses, including IPAI courses, for which you would like CIAO maintenance credit. Once you have registered for or attended a course, you will log onto the IPAI site and submit that course for CIAO maintenance credit. This process allows you to build a record of your course history in your IPAI member profile. Your official transcript will continue to be housed with the Illinois Department of Revenue. However, we are excited to be able to provide this additional resource for CIAO's.

The IPAI requires students to add course information to their online profile in order to receive CIAO maintenance credit and grade information (for exam classes). Students must add each course for which they wish to receive credit (IPAI, IDOR, IAAO, or courses from any other provider). IPAI staff manually enters pass/fail and grade information in the week to two weeks after a workshop/conference. Students attending seminar classes  will see their "Pass" status changed to "Yes" shortly after completing the class. Students in exam classes with see their "Pass/Fail" status changed to "Yes" or "No" and will see a test score shortly after completing the class. If course information is not in the student profile when IPAI staff enter "Pass/Fail" and grade information, IPAI staff will review student profiles on the 15th of each month. If you enter a class into your profile a week or more after the course completion date, you will receive your "Pass/Fail" or grade information after the 15th of the month in which you enter your course(s).

To submit a course to the IPAI for CIAO Maintenance credit:

1. Sign into your profile at

2. Click on your user name at the top of the web page (it is right next to the "Sign In" link at the very top).

3. Click on the My Participation heading and scroll down to CIAO Maintenance Hours.

4. Click on the + in the top right of the section.

5. Type the name and number of the course you are submitting in the appropriate box (IPAI or Other Provider).

6. Enter the name of the provider (for example, IDOR or IAAO).

7. Complete the remaining course details.

8. Click Save & Close.

Once you've submitted an IPAI or Other Provider course, IPAI staff will enter your Pass/Fail and grade information from our records as soon as that information is available. This process will replace our snail mail letters informing you of your grade for IPAI courses. If you've entered a course from another provider, please email your certificate with the subject "CIAO Maintenance Credit" to, so we can enter any grade or pass/fail information.